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If you like to spend some money and time on online gambling, then this article is for you. Here we discuss 1xbit which is one of the prominent online gambling sites. 1xbit is like the world of online casino. We have encountered many online gambling sites, but we think that none of them can match the level of 1xbit. Those sites might have 800 plus online games, but one thing is for sure that none of them matches the level of 1xbit because it offers variety for the gamblers.

The website works on such a mechanics that they offer you the games to bet on which are being live telecasted in your country. You can also choose your favorite game from the games category. The different games they offer are virtual sports, casino games, and many more.

Getting started

Getting started with 1xbit is very easy. You have to create an account, and then you are good to go. The site offers you the option to register with your email (which is the traditional way) or by the “one-click registration”. The one click registration includes only the selection of the currency, and after that, you have to enter your email, and then you are good to go.

Discussing the bonuses

People always like site which can offer them something in return. 1xbit is no different because it not only provides you with a vast range of games with different categories but also some bonuses like:

  • First deposit bonus: After creating the account the player needs to deposit at least 5mBTC to avail the bonus. After some minutes the deposited mBTC is transferred back to your wallet.
  • Advance bet: If you already placed some bets and the website thinks that your potential winning bets are higher than what you already have then you are able to put a bet in advance.

Many other bonuses are also available.

Pros and cons


A significant number of video games and sports to bet on.

  • You can bet on live games happening in your country.
  • Great bonuses.
  • One click registration is also available which makes it very fast.
  • There are no withdrawal and deposit fees.
  • The sportsbook accepts Bitcoins.


  • There is no other way to use currency except the cryptocurrency.
  • The website’s interface needs a bit more working.

Therefore, this site has a lot of great features and a minimal number of cons which makes it superb.

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