Evolution of Just Dice in cryptocurrency era

Just dice is an online dice gambling website based on cryptocurrency. The site offers “provable fair” dice games. Provable fair is a mechanism through which the player can check where the results of the game are not being altered. The house edge of the site is less than 1%.

Basic features of just dice

Initially when the site was launched in 2013, Just Dice was a bit “old fashioned” in sense of bitcoin. Now the site has been redesigned and it is the hub of all the bitcoin gamblers. The site is based on “block chain technology” and it has every other feature that an online gambling site based on block chain should possess.

Basically the person has to bet on the number being higher or lower than the number being displayed on a 100 sided die. One of the best features of the just dice is that it has “real time nature”. Real time nature means that any person can observe the live bets going on the site. He can see people winning or losing the best. Mostly people make small bets, but a large bet with loads of bitcoins pops up once in a while. Moreover, the site has a very simple design.

Furthermore, the site gives the option of investing in payroll to its customers. Therefore people can benefit from the growth in the investment of Just Dice.

How does it work?

When the dice rolls, the player gets a number between zero and hundred. That will be his chance to win. If person selects “roll lo” he will win if the next number is less than that number and if he chooses “roll hi”, he will win if the next number is higher than that number. One of the best features of Just Dice is that it shows the player his “luck percentage”. Luck percentage shows the comparison between the number of rolls the player has won and the number of rolls he should have won. For example, if the player plays ten times with a chance of 10% and if he wins three times out of ten, then his luck percentage will be 300% because he has won thrice as many games as he was expected to win.


It is an addictive online gambling platform. Moreover site offers “provable fair” which makes it even more reliable. Furthermore, site has great customer service and also a live chat room.

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